Thursday, June 18, 2009

Debunking Superwoman myths:

When I'm overstretched and living on my reserves of energy, emotions, and stamina, the way I give affection to my children is affected. My kids get more of the quick gentle and firm pat down hug, the quick gentle and firm smack on the cheeks and then the alright, now go on… Because giving affection to our children pulls from us as well, it’s supposed to, it’s what brings growth and continues to give life to their dreams, visions, and sight … Today, living in this place in my life, my reserves are rebuilding and I find myself once again, LOVING on my girls more often. Tackling, wrestling, kissing more often; nurturing more through physical touch. What do I see blossoming now? Something beautiful sprouting within them, within us. Our relationship growing and moving, a different life birthing within them. Truth: When I am working and taking care of them, the house, our finances, and trying to take care of myself, I can’t do it all. When I don’t have an outside source that refuels me through physical touch (RT) I am not at my peak to give to them. Guess what? IT’S OKAY!!! I only am required to give them my best. I can lean on my God, my ancestors, and my Orisha to work in our lives to fill in the gaps where I am lacking; to stretch the affections that I am able to give, to what they need. In my family, I am lacking and I am not enough to fulfill all our needs. Again? IT’S OKAY!!!! In leaning on my God, my ancestors, and my Orisha, it opens the doors of our life to others who can help fill in the gaps and vice versa, I can help fill in the gaps in others lives… It takes a village, not just for the kids, but for us too. We are not an Island, even when we need to retreat in our shells at times…


  1. The most difficult times are ones that require some type of flesh or physical form by us. When I was at my lowest peak, crying, lamenting, and carrying on about my ex, I woke up every morning and was taken aback by the emptiness of she not being here beside me. Not together. No hug or any closeness in the morning. Never again at night. I think what's ruined us is the lack of our spirtual connections within that make us search outside of us. I applaud you for making use of family time and a renewal of spirit for you and your immediate loved ones. There is nothing wrong with being loved or wanting to be loved, helped out, or supported while supporting. As you know, I try as much as I can to help ans support when I am mentally balanced, to keep control of my own situations, as well as being able to bring good energy to you and your children :) Ahhh the little ones. I hope I was close to this synopsis. If not, chastize me :(

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  3. No chastising necessary, just simple gratitude for sharing... Thank you...